Intercomputer: Business Process AutomationYear of creation: 2009 (1999 – as part of another company)

Number of employees: ~75

Location: Bochum, Germany; Kiev and Donetsk, Ukraine


Certification: ISO 9001: 2008

Verticals: Banks, insurance, industries, software companies, midsize business that need documents systematization.

Box products: PDF library, PDF Render Server, other PDF products (http://en.soft-xpansion.eu/products/), document flow solutions.

Interesting facts about the company:

  • Our company participates in technical complex mathematics project used in project institutions for creating parts of machines. This product is considered a standard in German industry to such an extent, that it is being taught in German Universities now.
  • PDF library of our partner company soft Xpansion is very popular among companies, working with PDF, it is being used in such big systems as Captiva (EMC^2), and other big clients (full list http://en.soft-xpansion.eu/company/customers/)
  • We successfully worked on outsourcing projects with XEROX.
  • We have specialists of full cycle, from analysts to 3rd line support engineers. Most of them are certified for the required technologies and skills.
  • We successfully did a complex project for Georgian government.
  • As we have own office in Germany, you will have an agreement with EU company, which is not only representative, but working as a full branch.