The Rad entertainment portal on SharePoint platform

The project is intended for information exchange between users (including sharing links, images, short posts, events and even the current mood via special widget), getting actual news (from both corporate and individually selected by the administrator Rss-channels), participating in surveys, watching videos and listening to the selected playlists, voting for their favorite content, viewing recommended events and others.

All the main content of the portal can be filtered by the predefined tags. Each user get individual points for activity on the portal (number of points depend on the actions: adding posts, putting «Like» to the content,

adding links, participating in the surveys etc.). The portal is developed using adaptive design and displayed correctly on monitors with any screen resolution and mobile devices. The front-end part of the SharePoint

is fully customized (custom design, standard menus are hidden), interactive elements on ajax are used (such as dynamic pie chart to display general statistics widget and sliders in quates’ widget and

recommendations for books and films block). Portal is integrated with client’s Active Directory solution and allows to use it without additional authorization, as well as get all required users’ information


Launching the project allows to bring informal communication users to a new level; to bring additional impulse in everyday communication; unobtrusively acquaint users with corporate news, recommended

events, useful resources; monitor the trend of employees mood through a special widget, as well as get feedback through surveys.

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New Microsoft competence for our company – Silver Collaboration and Content

Intercomputer Global Services has achieved a Silver Collaboration and Content Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network, demonstrating the high expertise of our specialists in automating the business activities in the enterprise based on Microsoft technologies, especially Microsoft SharePoint. Our portfolio contains complex solutions for different branches, for the clients like ING Bank (Netherlands), ProCreditBank (Georgia), DTEK (Ukraine), ING Bank (Ukraine) etc.

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Partnership with SAS company, leader in the Business Intelligence sphere, successfully concluded

Intercomputer Global Services Company received partner status, having concluded the respective agreement with the world leader on solutions in the sphere of business analytics – SAS company (

SAS is an indisputable world leader in the sphere of enhanced and predictive analytics, occupying leading positions in different technological ratings of independent researchers. The range of solutions and services offered by the company covers all stages of work with information starting from gathering and ensuring the quality of data and finishing with processes of its analysis and building visual analytical reporting.

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Collaboration portals: what is it and how it is served

Knowledge As A Business Asset

The value balance between developing an idea and its practical realization changes with time. As automation is widely used throughout all industry branches, the price of getting a know-how becomes relatively higher. Consequently, it becomes the best area to focus at.

The information era started when cost of knowledge came close to that of traditional enterprise assets such as industrial assembly lines or raw resources. Certain piece of machinery can be precious today but knowledge is needed for upgrading it to keep fit tomorrow. Resources can be rare, yet knowledge helps using them more effectively. Finally, knowledge helps finding new technology paths and opening new markets.

We have already talked much about automation in modern business. As more work gets done by automated systems, high level tasks gain more importance. They include creation, taking risks, strategic decisions making, managing intellectual property etc. And all those things are based upon knowledge.

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SharePoint Platform: Why It Rules or The Reasons of Popularity

What A Company Needs

Businesses have to keep up with the technical progress. Things change fast in the globalized environment, and each change brings new challenges as well as new opportunities. Ironically, gathering and processing information grew quite complicated in the era of information technologies. An average modern organization has too much data coming from inner and outer sources to get processed manually. Avoiding to solve this problem will quite probably cause loss of valuable knowledge which otherwise would help to increase productivity or reduce business risks.

Two things are important when solving this difficulty. First is to find a really good software solution for your specific business needs. The second one is about compatibility. A mature company typically has a well-built IT infrastructure; its network configuration and legacy software can narrow the range of options when installing a new solution. Of course the installation must lead to overall increase in productivity, so a new solution a company is to adopt should be able to integrate seamlessly with the existing infrastructure.

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Silver, golden, copper: cost of a DMS solution

What’s The Big Picture?

Market demand is a dominant force. Cost of a product is actually as high as a buyer is ready to pay. But on the other hand, when sellers establish certain prices it means they have certain business models behind all that. And then resulting cost of a certain product may be settled through negotiations between sides.

Cost of a DMS product depends much on its vendor type. Smaller producers usually come to the market with cheaper solutions, while famous brands tend to add some extra amount to the prices of their owners. On the other hand, big companies often maintain some partner programs allowing their customers to pay less in case they participate.

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Big, round, blue: How to choose the right DMS for your business?

Why Do I Need A DMS

It’s high time to evolve! The automation of business data management & analytics is a necessity for a challenging business. Today this is just a strong trend but tomorrow those who postponed the adoption of corporate solutions for e-data management can be left behind. Surely, the deployment of an electronic document management system (DMS) requires certain time & money investment. But it will make a huge return – of course, in case you have acquired a right solution and employ it in a right way.

Lots of DMS solutions exist in the IT market today; many of them enjoy broad popularity among users worldwide. Maybe, anyone can name SharePoint by Microsoft, HANA by SAP, Documentum by EMC², and others. Probably you’ll find it easy to narrow the area of selection to 10-12 solutions which seem to be good. But how to detect a perfect one?

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Major electronic document archives’ update for ING Bank

Intercomputer Global Services Inc. implemented the new functional update on electronic document archive based on EMC Documentum solution.

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A new electronic archive for ProCredit Bank, Georgia

Intercomputer Global Services has finished the electronic archive and document management system for ProCredit Bank, Georgia.

The system provides structured electronic storage for banking transaction documentation while granting access to authorized personnel in compliance with the bank’s security policy. The system also automates data entry (scanned documents and electronic documents) and document approval processes.

Due to the integration with ProCredit Bank’s central banking system, the documents generated in the core banking system are equipped with barcodes. Thanks to this approach, we were able to automate attribution, increasing the efficiency of the front office staff, and to enable the core banking system to access the documents directly.

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Black, grey or white: what DMS solutions exist?

Despite continuous outbreaks of the global financial crisis all over the world, the information technologies industry is going forward steadily. Though, according to Gartner, the worldwide IT spending is increasing at the moment only by a few percent a year, the rapid progress in the technical sphere continues. It triggers creation of new smart solutions, enables cutting costs & overall spending, and allows richer knowledge exchange between people. Document management systems, and particularly enterprise solutions, are coming in the avant-garde of this process.

The variety of DMSs today makes it possible to choose from many vendors. But at the same time it is not so simple to get a clear picture from this multitude. Let us investigate the major types of this software and familiarize with leading vendors of this niche. For this case it would be handy to divide them into several categories.

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