Corporate Portal on Microsoft SharePoint for ING Bank Ukraine

Client: ING Bank, Ukraine
Project date: 2013


There existed a number of uncoordinated solutions, hard in usage and management. This did not meet internal company rules and created problems in documents creation and circulation.


We suggested uniting these solutions into one creating a corporate portal based on Microsoft SharePoint. Importance of forming a unified system, which will combine an existing functionality, was evident. The task was to expand and create a portal for users’  mutual work from 3 separate systems. The future system was to provide possible expansion by means of introducing separate functional modules without changing the system’s core.


  • Easy maintenance
    Creation of a flexible architecture for the project, which allowed further system development, and met the requirements for target characteristics in promptitude  and ranging.
  • Smart corporate design
    Portal design was developed according to corporate Bank requirements
  • Well-thought access politics
    Implementation of access politics to the portal and its content based on the Active Directory information
  • Existing solutions preserved and integrated
    Modification and porting of existing solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint to a new portal structure. Solutions included automation of internal processes using electronic forms (InfoPath)
  • Independence in further portal development
    Creation of toolset (templates, etc) for further development and filling of portal without attraction of engineering personnel by means  of business administrators or key users

When creating solution we put primary focus on using standard features and instruments of SharePoint Platform, which allowed reaching easy scalability and migration possibilities. Such strategy allowed avoiding deep modification of SharePoint platform (hard-coding).


  • Passing from separate not unified solutions to uniform portal increased efficiency of using the systems.
  • Optimization and developing of existing solution allowed to cut costs on development and use all existing IT assets of the company in a new solution
  • A new solution allowed to decrease costs on its support
  • Creation of ways for easy further development of the solution allows to adjust the solution to constantly changing requirements of real-world business.

 Technologies used:

  • Microsoft Sharepoint 2010
  • InfoPath
  • Active Directory
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