Unified Archive of Clients’ Banking History Files

Client: ProCredit Bank. Georgia
Project date: 2011
Platform: Microsoft SharePoint


The bank required a good solution for automating their processes for working with banking transaction documents, decreasing the time required to process documents and increasing overall efficiency.


The electronic archive and document management system created for ProCredit Bank provides structured electronic storage for banking transaction documentation while granting access to authorized personnel in compliance with the bank’s security policy. The system also automates data entry (scanned documents and electronic documents) and document approval processes.

The electronic archive stores money transfer documentation, client documents including general documentation, credit and operational documents as well as documentation from the bank’s headquarters.


  • Methods of adding documents to the system included capturing paper documents and importing electronic documents, processing barcodes (if available), automatic attribution and placement in the archive (for documents with barcodes) and conversion to PDF format. For documents without barcodes, attribution tasks are automatically generated and sent to the responsible parties.
  • Highly customizable approval processes for different product and document types (direct publication, 2-, 4- and 6-eyes-processes), including adjustment of authorized users / user groups for each approval step and automatic generation and distribution of approval tasks
  • Adjustable security model controlling access to archived documents
  • Search for clients and documents by various attributes

The system is integrated with ProCredit Bank’s central banking system. Due to this integration, the documents generated in the core banking system are equipped with barcodes specifying relevant document attributes, like client, contract, product type and document type. Thanks to this approach, we were able to automate attribution, increasing the efficiency of the front office staff. The regular, scheduled synchronization of the system with the core banking system ensures that the document archive structure remains up-to-date. The system also enables the core banking system to access the documents directly.

The system uses Active Directory for user authentication and for administering information about users, roles, user groups and the organizational structure of the bank.


  • Created long-term, reliable, secure and structured electronic archive of clients’ documents
  • Enhanced efficiency of bank specialists by creating a single electronic warehouse of documents and automating the input, management and access processes
  • Reduced time required for and increased efficiency of banking operations and customer service, increasing customer loyalty
  • Minimized risk of data entry errors
  • Reduced time required to search for and access data by automating attribute-based search routines
  • Ensured compliance with regulations, including document storage terms
  • Reduced operating expenses of bank units thanks to document storage organization


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