Intercomputer: Software Development Services

Our services

Our company offers a wide range of services, starting from IT business consulting, implementation of document management system software, support, systems integration, custom software development and finishing with QA services and creation of nearshore dedicated teams on various technologies. Please choose the type of service that interests you most.

Our clients

We work with different types of clients. We work with big ones, mainly banks, insurance companies and industries and already gained valuable experience here. Here we launch projects that have high load, multiple users, very high expectations on quality and deadlines; we implement big systems and provide 3 lines of support to them.

We also work with midsize and small clients, who have a bit different expectations. Here the main focus is on price, quick scalability and flexibility of the systems. Here we can offer smaller DMS or CRM systems, which are less expensive or totally free. We choose the most appropriate system in each case individually, based on the business requirements of our client.

We also do custom projects and build dedicated teams on a range of technologies for software companies. Being a software company ourselves, we know exactly what the needs are and so are able to satisfy them In the best way.