Business Intelligence Tools and Services

Intercomputer: Business Intelligence SolutionsIdeal management requires up-to-date facts and figures in order to optimally steer the company to success. In the midst of difficult competitive and market situations, quick, correct decisions based on thorough, reliable information enabling flexible, successful reactions are factors for success.

With the EMC Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint and Oracle business intelligence tools developed by Intercomputer Global Services, it is possible to visualize the complex relations that arise when analyzing large quantities of data.

The goal of business intelligence software is enabling leaders to make correct, successful strategic and tactical decisions that advance their company’s goals. With the insights gained from business intelligence solutions, companies can make their business processes and relationships with customers more profitable while minimizing risks and reducing costs.

Business intelligence systems:

  • Business BI Intelligence activity monitor
  • Microsoft SharePoint Insights (Microsoft Business Intelligence)
  • Other solutions (SAS, open source business intelligence, internal BI business intelligence, cloud business intelligence, enterprise business intelligence, etc.).


  • EMC Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint-based business intelligence solutions
  • Special connectors of business intelligence platform for other IT platforms
  • Visualization of mission-critical facts and figures in business intelligence solution
  • Better decisions thanks to well-founded information
  • Ease of recognition of trends and deviations
  • Details and background information are just a click away.

Our business intelligence services are backed by experience and knowledge of our business intelligence consultants. If you are looking for a reliable business intelligence consulting, we surely should speak.

Help me make better decisions

We help you make grounded decisions.

A good decision is based on a good understanding of the facts. Understanding depends on how information is presented. And that presentation depends on the business intelligence systems you use.

Help me make better decisions