HR Outsourcing and Dedicated Teams

Intercomputer: Remote teams on Microsoft SharePointIn addition to providing business analysis services, implementing document management systems, creating custom solutions and providing independent QA services, we provide the remote teams outsourcing services and build dedicated teams for the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

A dedicated team is a team of managers, testers and software developers for hire, who work fulltime on your projects, whom you can manage directly and who act as a remote branch of your company. IT teams outsourcing is quite popular service among companies, who prefer to maintain balance between cost and quality.

So you can get dedicated web developers, as well, as specialists on desktop applications, ECM systems and QA personnel.

Advantages of remote teams:

  • You hire dedicated developers with experience We have team members who have been with us for more than 10 years and possess valuable expertise; we have a deep knowledge pool we can use for the benefit of your project.
  • Experienced management of remote teams To a large extent, successful cooperation depends on who manages the company and the dedicated project team. Our management team is a group of professionals with a European mentality who ensure efficient, effective teamwork.
  • Convenient geographical location In fact, it’s more a matter of creating nearshore than offshore dedicated team, with 3-4 hours flights from most European cities.
  • Good nearshoring prices When you hire software developers with our company, there are two main advantages – you sign a contract with a European company (our headquarters are in Bochum, Germany), and the development office is in Ukraine, meaning that you’re protected by European laws but will spend much less on your dedicated team. As a result, you can hire software developers of very high level to your team, specialists who’d cost a fortune in Europe but who are much more affordable here.
  • You can scale your team of dedicated developers quickly and easily Sometimes business is booming, other times, it’s slow. What’s the best way to handle such situations? The solution is to use IT outsourcing services. Try working with us and you’ll be able to scale quickly enough to process all your orders.

I’m interested in hiring software developers – what’s the next step?

  • Send us a message describing the skills you need and other details, like the number of dedicated developers you require, the duration of the project, etc.
  • We’ll reply with CVs and rates.
  • Then you’ll select people for your dedicated development team and we’ll start working.

…Yes, creating your own remote development centers is really that easy.

…No, you don’t have to pay for equipment and office space. There are no other fees, apart from a monthly resource fee.

…Yes, you can manage your nearshore and offshore team directly.

…Yes, you can visit your dedicated team.

…Yes, you can hire dedicated team with almost any skillset.

I Want To Generate More Profit

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A dedicated team extends the possibilities of your product. That means a greater competitive advantage. And that means – more profit.

I Want To Generate More Profit