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Intercomputer: Software TestingWhy software testing is so important? If you are on the market at least one year, you will not ask this question. Good software QA is the basics of any IT related business. So, are you looking for it?

Being one of the experienced software testing companies, we will help you do software quality assurance for your systems on a professional level, using specialized quality assurance software, finding your bottlenecks and then correcting them.

We have a strong testing department that specializes on a number of software testing services:

  • functional testing
    • component testing
    • regression testing
    • user acceptance testing
    • smoke testing
  • Non-functional testing
    • cross platform testing
    • compatibility testing
    • usability testing
    • localization testing
    • UI testing
  • performance testing
    • load testing
    • stress testing
  • security testing (+ application penetration testing)

It is important to note that we as a software testing company test not only our own solutions, but also provide QA services for any application that you’d like us to test.

Functional Testing Services

Intercomputer Global Services provides a full range of functional software testing services, including the creation of test scripts and (regular) performance of the following tests:

  • Ergonomics and ease of use (user experience testing)
  • Consistency with functional and technical requirements (acceptance testing)
  • Security and protection from unauthorized use (application security testing)
  • Correctness and completeness of documentation

We perform the following tests as components of our functional testing:

  • Component testing
  • Regression testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Smoke testing

Our services also cover:

  • Web application testing (including web application security testing and web application penetration testing)
  • Operational acceptance testing
  • Embedded software testing

To automate the software testing for routine operations, our experts use automated testing tools (QTP, Selenium). We recommend developing automated tests parallel to software development.

Load Testing Services

Our company in its pack of independent testing services offers our customers several types of load testing. Each of them is used for different purposes and at different stages in the information system lifecycle:

  • Developing and coordinating test scenarios with the customer
  • Creating scripts to automate load tests (HP LoadRunner, JMetter)
  • Developing scripts for generating large volumes of test data
  • Measuring system performance under various load conditions and combined scenarios (application performance testing)
  • Stress tests
  • Diagnosing «bottlenecks» in the system, providing recommendations for increasing productivity
  • Defining the boundaries of system performance measures
  • Regular stress tests to prevent degradation of system performance
  • Tests of system reliability – simulation of failures at different levels under high loads to track system capabilities and failover behavior
  • Determining the degree of scalability
  • Introducing performance monitoring as part of the commercial exploitation of heavy-duty systems; developing and implementing capacity management processes

Examples of Our Testing Projects and Achievements

  • Complex application load testing. Optimization of a heavy-duty banking system. As a result of our comprehensive work, the system was able to maintain five times more concurrent users on its existing equipment.
  • Testing high-end corporate applications. More than eight years of experience, more than 20 major stress-testing and optimization projects.
  • Monitoring the performance of a heavy-duty banking system. A three-year project, three-tier architecture, 25 servers, 5000% increase in load at peak times.
  • Stress tests for a banking system. Creation of complex load scripts (30 different role scenarios) and execution of stress tests simulating the work of 12,000 users of a banking system containing data for five million customers over ten hours. The project lasted for one month. The performance time of critical business operations has been improved 500 to 10,000%.

As you can see, we provide very reliable software testing service, possess experienced team and have the experience, the knowledge and the will to help to make the digital world a better place. Do you want to join us?


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