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Intercomputer: MS SharePoint SolutionsIntercomputer Global Services offers you different ready solutions on Microsoft SharePoint platform. Please read a short description below or refer to the menu on the left to learn more.

Electronic archive of clients’ history files
Electronic archive is designed like structured single electronic warehouse of documents and automate capturing of electronic and paper documents, completion and input of the document electronic copies into the system including attributing and approving processes; give opportunity to search for the clients and documents by various attributes, to send notifications about the changes in the system to the authorized users and monitor the validity terms of certain document types of the client.

System implementation provides efficiency enhancing of the company specialists’ performance, reducing the search and access time to the necessary information, minimizing an error risk during data input, ensuring the compliance with the regulations including document storage terms, reducing the operative expenses of the business structural units thanks to the document storage organization.

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Intranet corporate portal
Corporate portal is a modular solution that consists of a set of services responsible for the automation of various areas of the Bank’s activities: publication of different information, organization of common work process, internal communications support, automation of business processes.

Implementation of a corporate portal provide a single point of access to corporate information from inside and outside the Company, considering roles and access rights of employees configured by the administrator of the system, support of communications and collaboration between employees, departments and services of the Company, Automation of Company’s internal business processes and routine administrative operations etc.

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We also offer Microsoft SharePoint development services: you can hire a SharePoint developer, or get a turnkey SharePoint solution.

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