Electronic archive of clients’ history files

Electronic Archive of Banking' History Files (Microsoft SharePoint)Electronic Document Archive on Microsoft SharePoint platform provides an electronic storage for the documentation on the banking transactions (including credit operations) in a structured form as well as access to and management of this information by the authorized personnel of the bank.

The System automates the information input (scanned documents, electronic documents and emails), editing and approval and provides access of the bank’s structural units in compliance with the security policy.

The following functionality was implemented in scope of the project:

  • Electronic document archive for bank transaction documents:
    • Client documents
    • Credit documents
    • Payment orders
    • Internal documentation of the bank
  • Automatization of document input, processing and authorization
  • Access segregation due to security regulations
  • Integration with internal systems of the bank

Electronic document archive consists of following parts:

  • Archive – Document storage and access regulation
  • Input module – Input, processing, recognition , classification and publishing of documents
  • Document management – Highly customizable approval processes for different product and document types

Archive structure consists of 4 structure levels: Banking products, Clients, Payment documents, Internal documentation. Archive supports import of banking products and client information from Core Banking System, configuration of product subfolders and flexible adjustment of structure by business administrator.

Electronic Archive module (SharePoint)

Based on different roles of users in bank processes, different functional roles are defined in the System providing users different functionality and access rights for working with documents.

Main system roles are:

  • Producer – adding documents to the system, attributing (if needed)
  • Centralized Back Office (CBO) – further processing of documents
  • Technical administrator – appointment of access rights to the users
  • Business administrator – organization and fill-in of the System directories, work with archive structure

Additional rights segregation can be set by Branch, Product and Client (defined due to the information from Core Banking System).

There are 2 ways of placing documents into the System: scanning (for paper documents) and import (for electronic documents).

In case of scanning there are several features:

  • Automated scanning «One-button scan»
  • Saving in PDF
  • Automated attributing using bar-codes
  • Interaction with producer only in case of lack of attributes

In case of import also both automated and manual attributing are possible

Scheme of documents input is shown below:

Electronic Archive (SharePoint) - Document Input Module

Every document placed in any of the shared folders of the branch as well as any uploaded electronic document will be immediately loaded to the System and automatically analyzed for the presence of attributes.

Documents’ attributing process depends on type of the documents:

  • Documents from Core Banking System are attributed automatically due to bar-code with complete set of attributes
  • Electronic documents are attributed automatically based on import folder
  • Payment order documents are attributed automatically based on scanning folder
  • External documents without bar-code Identification card of the Producer

Document management manual processes are based on sending tasks in the users’ inboxes.

Documents processing task has the following features:

  • Processing instructions
  • Actual status of document and task
  • Automatic notification of responsible persons
  • Comments

Electronic Archive (SharePoint) - Task Processing  screenshot

Document processing by CBO contain viewing, approval, status changes and comments possibilities.

There are 2-, 4- or 6-eyes principle verification implemented depending on product type and document type. The workflows can be adjusted by Business administrator setting required product type, document type and branch. 6-eyes principle is set only for Money Transfer documents

Scheme of workflow sample is shown below:

Electronic Archive (SharePoint) - Task Processing Module

Main goals achieved by system implementation are:

  • Ensuring the long-term reliable secured and structured electronic archive of the clients’ documents
  • Enhancing the efficiency of the bank specialists’ performance due to creation of a single electronic warehouse of documents and automation of input, management and access processes
  • Reducing the time and increasing the efficiency of the banking operations and customer servicing, increasing the customers’ loyalty
  • Increasing the efficiency and security due to the usage of SignPads hardware equipment
  • Minimizing an error risk during data input
  • Reducing the search and access time to the necessary information by automation of information search in the storage by attributes
  • Ensuring the compliance with the regulations including document storage terms
  • Reducing the operative expenses of the business structural units thanks to the document storage organization

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