Intranet Corporate Portal

Intranet Corporate PortalA corporate portal is designed to provide centralize access and possibility of management of enterprise information and applications on a corporate network and also to automate company’s business processes in a convenient and effective way.

Implementation of a corporate portal solves the following tasks:

  • Providing a single point of access to corporate information from inside and outside the Company, considering roles and access rights of employees configured by the administrator of the system
  • Support of communications and collaboration between employees, departments and services of the Company
  • Building a system of feedback from employees
  • Automation of Company’s internal business processes and routine administrative operations
  • Creating a system of providing efficient and relevant corporate information to employees
  • Creating a common knowledge base of the Company

In addition to customized base sections the Corporate portal  contains the following functional modules: Procedures, Projects, Business Tracking Calendar (BTC) and Currency.

General information part of the portal contains news, CEO’s blog, navigation sections for access to main resources, links and important information required for employees.

Intranet Corporate Portal - General Module

Key features:

  • Custom web-parts on the home page
  • Displaying RSS-news from external sources
  • Sending portal’s RSS-news (news subscription)
  • Anonymous access to public portal sections

Intranet Corporate Portal - Procedures ModuleCentralized storage of regulatory documents (Procedures) with granting the access for employees. Automated process of publication and approval of new procedures. Withdrawal and re-approval of existing procedures in accordance with Company’s internal policies for working with documents.

Key features:

  • Integration of procedures’ approval and archiving startup to the context menu
  • Support of exclusive access to the document
  • Automatic addition of users for approval from the attributes into the approval procedure (Reviewers list)
  • Flexible retention policy system of approved procedures
  • Flexible approval procedures’ configuration
  • It is possible to approve procedures directly from the interface of Microsoft Outlook
  • Configuring view’s filters for convenient access to required procedures

Intranet Corporate Portal - Checklists ModuleModule for the implementation control of daily routine processes aiming to meet internal and external regulatory requirements. In particular the ordering processes of Company’s IT department running on a daily basis (end-of-day processes).

Key features:

  • Automatic publishing of new lists and archiving of completed lists
  • Displaying of the implementation status
  • Ordering of assigned tasks
  • Administrative functionality: Task Editor for Checklist, notifications set up, appointment of performers

Intranet Corporate Portal - Projects ModuleControl of managing projects by Company’s departments.

Key features:

  • Displaying the status of the project start and end dates, priority, and other useful information
  • Displaying the status of implementation in percentage
  • Review the status of the project by the manager and participant
  • Detailed specification of the project with comments
  • Export of reports
  • Setting up notifications

Module for monitoring and statistical analysis of currency exchange rates. information is taken from official sources of the Central Bank on a daily basis. Information is published in the module and can be displayed in the statistical reports of exchange rates as table or chart.

Intranet Corporate Portal (SharePoint) - Currency Module

Key features:

  • —  Automatic download of exchange rates from daily updated file on remote location
  • —  Showing chart for selected currency rate for the required period
  • —  Output quotations in tabular form

Module for monitoring the Company’s staff tasks implementation by the Compliance Department.

Intranet Corporate Portal - BTC Module

Key features:

  • —  Automatic generation of personal tasks to users based on predetermined schedule
  • —  System automatic reminders for new and unfulfilled tasks owned by end users of BTC module

Modular architecture of the solution allows phased implementation of a corporate portal, thereby reducing the cost and time needed to obtain the desired functionality.

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