The project is intended for information exchange between users (including sharing links, images, short posts, events and even the current mood via special widget), getting actual news (from both corporate and individually selected by the administrator Rss-channels), participating in surveys, watching videos and listening to the selected playlists, voting for their favorite content, viewing recommended events and others.

All the main content of the portal can be filtered by the predefined tags. Each user get individual points for activity on the portal (number of points depend on the actions: adding posts, putting «Like» to the content,

adding links, participating in the surveys etc.). The portal is developed using adaptive design and displayed correctly on monitors with any screen resolution and mobile devices. The front-end part of the SharePoint

is fully customized (custom design, standard menus are hidden), interactive elements on ajax are used (such as dynamic pie chart to display general statistics widget and sliders in quates’ widget and

recommendations for books and films block). Portal is integrated with client’s Active Directory solution and allows to use it without additional authorization, as well as get all required users’ information


Launching the project allows to bring informal communication users to a new level; to bring additional impulse in everyday communication; unobtrusively acquaint users with corporate news, recommended

events, useful resources; monitor the trend of employees mood through a special widget, as well as get feedback through surveys.