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Intercomputer: Custom Software Development

  • Are you looking for a high quality custom software development services?
  • Are you planning to partner with the custom application development company, who can develop your idea and make it a grand success?

It looks like we can help.

Intercomputer GS doesn’t just customize and integrate large corporate systems: we also do custom software development and develop custom software solutions, specially tailored for your business.

We believe we are a custom software development company that can adequately manage and create a quality product for you because:

  • We are reliable
    We have more than 13 years of experience in custom software application development.
  • We are experienced
    In cooperation with soft Xpansion, we’ve developed an impressive number of major custom software products, like PDF Render Center, PDF Library, Beauty Studio and many others, which you can find here:
  • We are big
    We have a large, experienced team of custom software developers with different skills, ranging from analysts and software architects to testers and software developers, employing the latest technology and software.
  • We know how to do it right
    With our great experience in doing custom App development, a great number of successful products and well-proven custom programming services processes we are positively distinguished among other custom software development companies.

We can do customized software development of your project in «turnkey» mode, while accompanying you through the full cycle, which looks like this:

  • You contact us and tell us about your problems or the tasks your business needs to address.
  • We analyze the situation and discuss the solution. We continue discussions until we create a business specification.
  • We carefully consider your business requirements and create a functional specification, which you approve.
  • Then we do the custom application software development, organized according to milestones; at the end of each stage, you check the solution and see the progress.
  • We use the QA services of our specialized department throughout the whole custom software development process so that you get a quality system in the end.
  • We help you implement the system and begin using it, educate your personnel and provide you with additional support and maintenance.

The advantages are:

  • You get a customized solution that is ideally suited to the needs of your business.
  • We bear all the responsibility and take the project risks.

So if you are looking for a reliable custom application development company, we are a good match. Contact us and check that yourself.

Make my busines unique

We will develop the project you need.

Do you have special needs or do you think that large products are too expensive? A reasonably priced custom alternative is a good solution.

Make my busines unique