Customization and Integration

  • Intercomputer: CRM IntegrationAre you thinking about enforcing some of your business processes with a new system, but don’t  know how to fit this system into existing corporate software solutions?
  • Do you want to buy some powerful CRM, CMS, ERP, or DMS system, but are not sure it will fit your business processes?

We are here to help.

When working with documents, you rarely create a system for the needs of your enterprise from scratch. A much better variant is to adapt the ready system to the needs of your enterprise. And this is exactly what we are doing and where we’ve already achieved great results. We analyze the situation, choose the system, tailor it to your needs, implement it and teach your personnel how to use it. The effect of this approach is tremendous. The system starts working as it is supposed to, bringing you the advantages you expected it to bring.

Apart from that, we also make sure the chosen system fits in the general IT ecosystem of your business.

Software Customization Services for Existing Platforms and Solutions

We customize and/or develop the following software:

  • Corporate software for automating business processes, content processing scenarios, media-data processing, stream input and document processing. Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization, DMS customization, CRM customization, etc.
  • Flow of documents for small and medium businesses. Customization and implementation of both commercial and freely-distributed systems for SMEs.
  • Software solutions for information processing. Development of solutions for converting files into different formats, processing electronic forms, report automation and integration with enterprise-level platforms (SAP, Documentum, Lotus Notes, and SharePoint integration services).
  • System software. Development of file and system drivers and filters, drivers for printers, etc.
  • Cryptography solutions. Development and customization of encryption systems and digital signatures.
  • Software products customization. Modules and systems for various platforms.

Integration with Existing Systems

We provide a number of software integration services:

  • CRM integration services (+ SharePoint CRM integration, Dynamics CRM integration)
  • CMS integration services
  • DMS integration services (EMC Documentum, Alfresco, SharePoint systems integration)
  • SAP integration services
  • Integration services of other systems

We have enough experience in all the above mentioned spheres, but have the deepest expertise in integration and customization of document management systems.

Apart from integration of third party DMS systems, we also have a number of our own ECM solutions, which we also customize and integrate into existing systems, both core banking and related ones, thus quickly and cost effectively implementing the most critical DMS processes into the document management ecosystem of the enterprise.  These solutions are the core of our comprehensive document management and business process automation systems for financial institutions:

As you can see, Intercomputer Global Services has a number of unique competencies in the sphere of software development, software integration and customization when it comes to automating business processes, document flows and information processing.

This allows us to offer you software solutions that truly take into account the specifics of your enterprise and provide the features you need at a lower cost while maximizing efficiency.

Improve productivity

We'll help improve your business at minimal cost.

We'll offer you small solutions that solve your problems and ensure that those solutions work well with your IT ecosystem. The result: an updated, productive system at minimal cost.

Improve productivity