Information Structure Optimization

  • Intercomputer: Information Systems DesignDo you feel like you could improve your hardware productivity?
  • Do you want to cut costs on software maintenance services?
  • Are you interested in performing the analysis and design of information systems in order to increase systems efficiency?

Intercomputer GS can help.

We offer complex solutions for building IT-infrastructure of any level of complexity, fully corresponding to the needs of our clients and provide the full cycle of works, including full spectrum of services of IT infrastructure audit, design of information systems or their separate elements, supply and installation of equipment and software, as well as qualified technical maintenance.

We offer:

  • solutions based on VMware Infrastructure designed to optimize the information systems design of your enterprise.

Our solutions are based on powerful virtualization technology that will allow you to:

    • Cut your server park or avoid buying new servers while at the same time increasing the productivity of your existing server resources. You’ll save space in your offices and money in your equipment budget.
    • Decrease expenses on IT structure support. After our audit of IT infrastructure and proper design of information systems you’ll be able to automate a number of processes for administering and maintaining your computing systems. A considerable portion of IT administration can be performed automatically and/or remotely, allowing you to reduce unproductive spending on IT personnel.
  • services on equipment supply

We partner with all leading manufacturers of IT-equipment (HP, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, IBM, Dell, Cisco). This allows us to provide our clients with high reliability, quality and productivity of the equipment. We offer full spectrum of the equipment:

    • floor and rack servers
    • server racks
    • backup devices (tape drives, tape libraries or avtoloudery)
    • networking equipment
    • thin clients
    • workstations
    • laptops

One of the most important directions in our work is equipment supply services  for our corporate clients. Our principle is individual approach to solving problems of each client. We will choose the equipment of any desirable package and guarantee optimal price solution in accordance to your budget. Apart from that, we provide delivery and sale of software, licensed and having all necessary certificates.

  • maintenance and repair

Service center of Intercomputer Global Services ensures qualified software and hardware maintenance services:

    • recovery of working capacity of PC in minimal terms
    • installation, configuration and repairing the software
    • design, installation and maintenance of the local computer networks
    • connection to the Internet

To ensure stable and effective work of your office equipment, we offer 2 types of service:

    • subscription service: we provide our clients with qualified regular software and IT hardware maintenance services performed by fixed service center specialist. This type of service includes monitoring the status of your computer equipment and network, maintenance works to prevent possible problems and timely troubleshooting.
    • service for one-time applications: performance of upgrade, installation and diagnostics of software and works to eliminate the failures.

If there is a necessity for a repair we supply your organization with temporary equipment for replacement to ensure the smooth operation.

As you can see, we have deep expertise not only in software, but also in IT hardware support part. Interested?

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IT hardware can and should be optimized. Get in touch with us and we will find the right solution for your needs.

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