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  • You want to improve your business processes, organize your data and increase the efficiency of your company in general, but you don’t know where to start?

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Intercomputer Global Services offers the clients a complete spectrum of IT and business technology solutions and services for the effective support of the business on all corporate management levels – from operative tasks to strategic development. Every branch and every company has its specific IT strategy and requires its own business technology consulting service.

We provide both enterprise consulting and small business IT consulting services. Our competence of business and technology consulting includes banking and financial business, energy corporations, automobile and mechanical engineering, insurances etc.

Small and middle-stand companies are also well advised choosing Intercomputer Global Services.

IT Business Consulting:

  • IT audit

The basis of every IT consulting is audit – expert evaluation of the efficiency of enterprise technology solutions usage. Within audit we conduct:

    • Evaluation of current level of investment into corporate information systems
    • Evaluation of current level of information technologies on the enterprise
    • Evaluation of the efficiency of technologies of IT management

Based on the objective evaluation of the stated parameters the management of IT department gets the possibility of effective solution of such tasks as:

    • Identifying the volume and structure of investment into information systems on the enterprise in accordance with actual and projected requirements
    • Increase of efficiency of investment management in IT
    • Comparative analysis of state of IT infrastructure and level of investment on the enterprise in other companies.
    • Forecast of further development of IT infrastructure on the enterprise and also objective comparative evaluation of aftereffects caused by introduction of various solutions
    • Optimization of expenses on IT
    • Choice of the economically optimal directions of development of IT-infrastructure
  • Development of IT strategies

The IT strategy can be developed both for the IT-structure of the enterprise in general, and for separate projects, divisions or branches. Regardless of your choice we will offer you the full spectrum of services for inner (Application to Application, EAI) and outer integration (B2B, Supply Chain Management, Portals, etc). The realization of the planned measures is conducted step-by-step and taking into account the existing infrastructure and technology business solutions. We will automate your business processes by means of integration of databases, Data Warehouses, ERP-systems and already existing applications. All this will lead to increase in its efficiency and decrease in expenses. Additional economic advantages are achieved by means of transmitting a certain operative and strategic tasks to outer companies (outsourcing). The efficiency of such measures for a certain enterprise is also identified by us within the framework of IT development strategy.

  • IT architecture (technical consulting)

In close cooperation with your IT-specialists we will design the optimal structure of a corporate information system, realizing functional requirements to the IT-strategy of the company and optimizing the required investment. In the process of design we solve the following tasks:

    • Choice of scheme and technologies of integration of IT-systems components.
    • Choice of optimal solutions for concrete tasks
    • Development of new subsystems
    • Comparative analysis of solutions of various suppliers
  • Audit of complex (queue) system productivity

Business Process Consulting

  • Expert evaluation of the current condition of business process management systems
  • Analysis and recommendations for optimizing business processes
  • Analysis of the current condition of internal regulations
  • Development of internal regulatory documents
  • Analytic studies of various aspects of paper-based and electronic business process management and document management systems
  • Recommendations for improvement of business process management solutions

Small Business Technology Consulting

Apart from working with enterprise systems, we are providing services of IT consulting for small business, which include the same steps:

  • Expert evaluation of small business technology solutions and company infrastructure
  • Recommendations on optimization
  • Choice and implementation of DMS systems corresponding to the needs of the business.

Additional Services on Technology Business Consulting

Based on our preliminary audit, we can:

  • Develop a concept of corporate IT strategy
  • Create a hardware and software framework corresponding to the ISO 9001:2000 standard
  • Develop and complete infrastructure projects and deploy enterprise systems
  • Update existing IT solutions

Business IT consulting is the first and most important step in initiating the process of company processes optimization and introduction of new systems, increasing company efficiency. Let’s start small and grow big. Together.

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